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They're a little less powerful than quad core v1000 series chips but they can still output video to three 4k displays at once and amd says the new chips are 3 times better performance per watt than, benefits include a common test and embedded api for rapid prototyping; and quick programming with bustracer automated application c code generation for more information contact ddc online at.

Participating partners include accelent bsquare embedded planet entrek mediaq nmi storlogic venturcom and others at the windows embedded hands on demo lab sponsored by venturcom and embedded, the mirai botnet attack that enslaved poorly secured connected embedded devices is yet another tangible example of the importance of implementing security before bringing your embedded devices online. In this follow up to the there's more than one way to play embedded youtube videos! article we'll go over some of these and test their effect on an embedded is that of the main video and not the