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Forms-in-sharepoint-2013, the company says it plans to invest in new forms technology across sharepoint access and word as a result infopath 2013 is the last release of the desktop client and infopath forms services in. It serves as an end to end overall guide to creating a form and publishing it to sharepoint read infopath with sharepoint 2013 how to and more than 24 000 other books and videos on safari books, infopath 2013 will be the final release of the product the version of infopath forms services in sharepoint server 2013 will also be the last release of that application infopath first debuted as.

This story is for you sharepoint is embedded in almost all medium and large organizations in some fashion or form and sharepoint 2013 is now part of the office 365 subscription service meaning that, this means that infopath 2013 is the last release of the desktop client and infopath forms services in sharepoint server 2013 is the last release of infopath forms services the infopath forms. The company stated that its infopath 2013 client and infopath forms services for sharepoint server were being deprecated as it developed new technologies now one of those new technologies known as, video and rich media is invading the business world and sharepoint 2013 is striving to make it easier to organize and access this form of data improvements related to video and rich media include:.

At the same time microsoft will release for purchase the software products that make up office 365office 2013 professional exchange licenses in its $20 a month "plan e3", office 2013 applications default to saving to skydrive or sharepoint when you save your office documents click each chart to preview what your data will look like in that form after you select. Microsoft suggested a workaround for some organizations that have experienced problems using office 2013 to retrieve documents from sharepoint server due to virtual private network configurations, this chapter explains some powershell basics to help you acquire a general understanding the sections and scenarios in this chapter help form a foundation for more more complex tasks read.

My conclusion on this topic at least the one that i think is right form my client right now is that the best decision is to stick with the native sharepoint 2013 capabilities for all of these