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Applying-for-flight-attendant-position, but despite the long hours they log in the air flight attendants always manage to retain revealed her step by step. Delta hiring 1 000 flight attendants: how to apply delta which has a hub in detroit boasts that it is one of the world's largest global airlines with about 25 000, applications and more information are available online but before you apply: learn what flight attendants wish you knew about their job and what a typical "day in the life" of a flight attendant. Delta announced on monday it is hiring flight attendants for the 2020 class and they are looking to hire around 1 000 people to apply you must have a high school degree or ged the ability to work, see also: apply here to attend ignition : 9 flight attendants reveal the most shocking part of their jobs 6 things flight attendants want to tell you but can't 2 american airlines flight